Why does love blind
us to Pet Obesity?

Man sitting and stroking dog

Over the years we’ve embraced our pets as family members. They’ve moved from the kennel to the couch.

Gone from being vermin hunters to household pets. And, more often than not, we show our love for them through food. The seemingly insignificant additions to their daily food intake, combined with a cosier and more sedate lifestyle, are a key contributor to pet obesity. A condition that leads to illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes and cancer, and reduces quality of life.

Lady holding cat

Your pet’s health is in your hands and we’re here to help.

Look, Feel, Weigh helps you recognise whether your cat or dog is a healthy shape and, if necessary, take action. Body Condition Scoring is a tool to help you understand what is an ideal shape for your pet. Bringing this knowledge together and by providing you with useful hints and tips, we can help guide you and your pet on a safe shape management journey.



in the UK are at least overweight*



in the UK are at least overweight*


Of pet owners know how to correctly check their pet’s weight

Overweight dogs die nearly three years earlier than those at a healthy weight

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