Shaping Up
To Pet Obesity

Obesity is shortening our pets’ lives and affecting their health.

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Does love blind
you to pet obesity?

You love your pet – but are you feeding them appropriately?

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Do you love your pet enough
to know their ideal weight?

Identify your pet’s ideal shape with Look, Feel, Weigh.

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We know you love them, but…

Shaping up to pet obesity

Pet obesity is dramatically on the rise, lowering our pets’ quality of life and leading to a range of illnesses that shorten life expectancy. We are a passionate group of pet healthcare professionals who are dedicated to the education of pet owners, veterinary professionals, breeders, pet retailers and groomers to drive awareness of obesity as a disease. We believe that every cat and dog has the right to a long and happy life, which is why we want to focus on your pet’s health by recognising and tackling obesity with our Look, Feel, Weigh programme.

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